The Annual Check Up for a Honda Acura

Checking your automobile each 12 months for troubles is critical for catching issues early. Catching issues early can save plenty of money on restore expenses and can save you any nasty surprises for later. Your Honda Acura ought to preferably go through all the following exams every yr, however do not hesitate to maintain each issue monitored at some stage in the year. Problems can strike at any time.

Transmission Fluid

Honda transmissions require specific fluid bought without delay from the dealership. In the case of the Honda Acura, Acura ATF-Z1 fluid is recommended. Whilst it can deal with different fluids, this is the most green one. Any shifting issues should suggest a want to replace the transmission fluid, but in case you are involved it may be some thing worse take it to a mechanic.


Not most effective are your lighting crucial for being visible at night, they may be vital for averting a run-in with the neighborhood police force. By regulation, your lighting fixtures want to be in accurate operating order. Take a observe the lighting fixtures through using the offerings of a friend to test around the outside of the automobile. If there may be no person to be had, point the auto closer to a window or another car and take a look at the reflection, or loss of mirrored image while the lighting fixtures are became on quick kids race cars.

Coolant System

The water within the engine is there to prevent everything from the Honda transmissions to engines from overheating. Ideally, it have to be protecting the water degree mark. If there are problems with the auto overheating you may want to update the coolant. Be cautious when deciding on coolant for the Acura due to the fact there are some labeling troubles with the fluid. The fluid you need it Type II (blue) coolant, but once in a while it’s labelled as ‘Honda’ fluid and different instances ‘Acura’ fluid. Take word, it’s exactly the same fluid and there may be no distinction between them.


Check your tires for any bumps or cuts, which include across the returned of them. If any of these things are gift replace them at once. Move directly to the grooved tread of the tire and check to see how deep it’s miles. A 1.6mm groove is the minimal intensity required to keep away from breaking the regulation, even though a few nations might also have distinct requirements. For the Honda Acura, the Dunlop A2 tires are advocated for summer season riding. During the wintry weather months in which snow and rain are commonplace, Michelin Hydro facet tires are endorsed for his or her sturdy grip.


Check the oil stages every 500 miles to make certain there’s nonetheless an appropriate amount inside. If the oil level is not among the upper and lower marking drain some of the oil out or upload a few oil in. Use 5W20 oil with your Acura and add it drop through drop to permit the oil to settle absolutely.

Driving Feel

You won’t find this inside the using manual, however now and again issues can be noticed simply through driving. Drivers who note something isn’t always right are regularly right based totally on pure intuition. This isn’t a tactic to apply for beginner drivers, however experienced drivers can find issues with their Honda transmissions, the electronics, or tires simply by way of riding. Keep alerted to any troubles during the yr through this method.