Which Car Cover Works Best For You?


Car covers are a great idea but there are so many to chose from. In this article, I will help you decide which is best for your vehicle. Weather, where you park and your budget will be determining factors. Some may ask why they need to cover their vehicle in the first place. Protecting your investment is need enough in my mind. Protecting it’s value for resale and trade in. If your car, truck, SUV, van etc look bad, it will be harder to sell and you won’t get as much for it. The suns UV rays, stormy weather, bird droppings, tree sap, and dust can all cause damage to the finish which will take away from the overall appearance of your vehicle. Your interior can also take a beating from the sun. Summer storms can cause damage with blowing debris, tree limbs etc. Hail can be a nightmare. Another good reason to cover your vehicle is convenience. After spending time and or money to clean your car, covering will make it last longer. Dust and rain can mean all that hard work was in vain. If you use a outdoor honda civic cover that new washed shine will remain. Winter storms can leave snow and ice and a headache in the morning before work. If covered, just take it off and shake it off and you are ready to roll. As far as which cover is best for your situation or geographical location, here is what I would recommend: Indoor storage is fairly simple, all you really need is a dust cover to keep the surfaces free from dirt and dust. It is also a helpful protection against children and folks leaning up against the vehicle, trash cans etc. This one layer cover type is also cost-effective and o.k. for light outdoor use.

If you live in the Southwest the sun can be really intense, the UV factor is much greater. For this region, I would use a Tyvek cover. This material made by Dupont is the ultimate in UV protection. It is white and also offers water resistance making it an excellent choice where the sun is intense and rain is infrequent. This material is also used for HAZMAT suits to protect people from harmful situations where the immediate environment can be a problem. If you live in the South in areas like Florida and Georgia, for example, a waterproof cover is a must. A two or three layer cover with waterproof treatment is best. This type of cover is also great for four season environments like those found in the Northern parts of-of us and Canada. These covers are breathable allowing condensation that can develop to wick away and evaporate, a great feature for areas of high humidity.

Then there is the ultimate in protection with the four-layer fleece lined waterproof breathable cover. This cover is the best choice for areas with severe winters but works great regardless of where you live or store your vehicle. The fleece lining is best for protecting clear coat. It may be the most costly but does provide the best protection available today. Regardless of which cover you choose for your particular situation, the return is priceless. Protecting your investment is important, especially in today’s economy. Purchasing on the Internet is the most convenient and offers the best selection and competitive pricing. Be sure to shop around as some sites offer free shipping and some do not. You will also want to ensure that you are ordering the correct size the first time around as most sites will not cover return shipping if you order an incorrect size, an error that will affect your bottom line cost. Follow the sizing instructions carefully and you should not have any issues. Purchasing the right cover for your vehicle is a wise choice in today’s economy, one you will be glad you made. The protection it provides will ensure your vehicle looks great for years.

Keeping your car in tip-top condition requires spending a bit of money and one of the things that you may consider is car covers. They will provide a great deal of protection for your car and if you have an old car then this could prevent rust and other problems. You can usually find a huge range of options on the web and it won’t take you long to get items that you need. However, if you want to get a good deal then you may need to do some research for a while before you actually spend any of your hard earned money. Buying car covers, batteries and other car care items is easy but finding out where the best deals are will take some time. It may be a good idea for you to set aside a few hours so that you can do some research to find out who offers the best value for money. Take your time while you’re browsing the web and don’t feel like you need to rush into anything. It’s better to take your time and get a great deal than rush and end up being ripped off. Most car care items are easy to find but you should use Google if you’re stuck. Most of the time, caring for your car doesn’t have to cost the earth. Just make sure that you do research before you spend any money and usually you can save quite a bit. Don’t worry about taking a few hours or even a day or two to find what you need. Overall, buying car covers on the net is really easy but you’ll need to do some research in order to get yourself a great deal. Take your time and be sure to find out about everything available on today’s market before you spend any money.

Tired of filling up your gas tank every week and paying more and more for the same amount? Is the idea of looking for alternative ways to get to work or school becoming a better solution? Maybe its time you become part of the movement to reduce your personal consumption of gasoline by carpooling, riding a bike, or using mass transit to get to work school or run errands. Every time you use an alternative to driving your personal car, you’re helping yourself, our country’s economy and the environment. You’ll save money on gas, maintenance, toll bridge or parking fees and all the other miscellaneous costs of driving daily. If you’re single, you’ll expand your chances of meeting someone new or give you more time with someone you’re interested in. Regardless of your relationship status, sharing a ride provides so many more opportunities for social interactions. The doldrums of the daily commute will be a distant memory replaced with new friends and routine.

Right now our country’s economy is faced with high fuel costs cutting into every American’s budget. Our nation’s dependence on the foreign oil supply has grown to a crippling effect on jobs and the cost of fuel. We are finally being faced with the reality of our dependence. American’s are facing tough decisions of how to pay the bills, food, and fuel for their homes and automobiles. The sad part of it all is that no one knows where gas, diesel and oil prices will settle. The political delusions that it would be better to have some other country utilize their resources than to use our own is being shattered. The shift of policy on drilling and utilizing our country’s own natural resources will happen. Only then will our country economy prosper with the influx of new jobs, control over the price of crude and lower fuel prices at the pump. In the meantime of this happening, more efficient, hybrid cars and SUV’s are now available. More alternative fuel resources are being commercialized and affordable. New and innovative fuel options are readily available. Technology is pushing us forward but all this new and great stuff still costs money. Right now, money that a lot of Americans do not have enough to replace their existing car or truck and buy a new hybrid.

The only choice that we all have to make an immediate change is to find alternative means for personal transportation. If there ever was a time to park your car and share a ride, take the bus or ride your bike to work school or run errands, it is now. You may believe our planet may be experiencing global warming, or not. As a nation, we uphold the standards for being a responsible custodian of our country’s environment and prudently develop and manage our natural resources. Unlike us, our foreign oil suppliers have little respect or care and are raping their resources for profit. So relax, driving your SUV is not causing global changes. Do the smart thing, park your car. Cover it with a new car cover so it’s protected and sheltered from the hot sun or freak wind, hail, and rain storms that can happen any time of the year. The bottom line is with a new car cover will protect your car while you’re saving money on gas, helping our country’s economy and the environment.

The question is are custom covers better than the semi-custom covers. The Car Cover makers claim that a Car Cover is a better product and to some extent that is true. When you buy a Car Cover you can ask for a lot of extras that will also cost you more. This will take longer to receive it at your door. Yes, there is a bigger selection on options with Car Cover like mirror pockets, logos, colors, and material choice. If you think that mirror pockets are cool well I have talked to many people that have told me how they are a pain when covering and uncovering their vehicle. They have also told me how that it is the first place the cover wears out. Yes the cover looks better with mirror pockets but are they worth the hassle? A Car Cover fits right over the mirrors and will not take additional time to get put on. Even if you have a truck with large mirrors the Car Cover will adapt to them were the Car Cover will not. If you were to change your mirrors after you bought the Car Cover it will no longer fit your vehicle. So, in my opinion, the Car Cover is better because the are without mirror pockets. Logo’s are a nice touch for your car cover, things manufacturer logo’s, even sports logo’s, there all types of logo’s to make your vehicle reflect how you are. When you buy a Car Cover most retailers don’t offer logo’s but you can have it done for yourself at any alteration shop that does that kind of work and the cost is minimal. So it may be nice to have your Car Cover with the logo but this will also slow down the delivery time. If you would like a logo on your Car Cover you can have it and you will receive the cover a lot sooner. Colors are a nice touch and that is one thing the Car Cover can offer to you. Most of the Car Cover retailers only offer a few colors. If this is a high point then you will pay a bigger price for this where as the SCC will not come with the higher price due to color.

Material choice is something you will have to decide and it can make a lot of difference as to how the cover will perform and also protect your vehicle. The Car Cover comes in a lot of material choices from interior dust covers to show covers and of course exterior covers. They will have a bigger selection of material types to pick from and this will make it a harder choice for you. The Car Cover will only offer you the material choices you need to properly protect your vehicle, a lightweight material for interior use, the three-layer covers for exterior exposure like sun, rain, snow and ice. The four-layer cover that provides all the protection of the three-layer covers plus a interior lining of fleece to help protect your clear coat finish on your new or repainted vehicles. This extra protection is a must to keep your finish looking new for an extended amount of time. This makes buying a Car Cover a much easier choice overall and you will be receiving your cover much sooner then a Car Cover. As a web retail seller of Car Cover for all vehicle applications I find that my customers are happier with their choice and can cover the vehicles in a couple of days not weeks waiting for the Car Cover to arrive. My website offers all the customer care that the Car Cover sites offer and the warranties are even better and the return and exchange is better. When you order a Car Cover if there is anything wrong with the cover it is harder to return and exchange because it has been made custom for you and your vehicle. The warranties are short and won’t cover all the things the Car Cover warranty covers.